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A Change to Green Packaging

Every week I would go to the supermarket to get some groceries for the following week. For the three years I have been buying groceries from that supermarket, I have always seen the same products on the shelves although the supermarket may do small renovations but the changes don’t go beyond moving a certain product to the next aisle or putting them lower or higher on the shelf. Then, while I went there on my usual weekly routine, I had found that an entire aisle had different products. It was still eggs, milk, and cheese but the entire look of the packaging had changed. Seemed like a pretty drastic change to me but I didn’t really make a big fuss of it. Although I did get some of those new packaged products.

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I did not really pay much attention or care about the packaging of the product so I didn’t try to understand more about the packaging they came in. As usual I would just throw out the packaging it after the product inside has been consumed.

To my amazement, when I went into the supermarket the next week another aisle seemed to have changed and all the products were packaged the same way as the dairy aisle. I tried reading the packaging and found out they are actually made by just one large company that branches out into different parts. So I tried buying some products that I didn’t usually buy before because the packaging really intrigued me. As it turns out, the packaging used on these products is actually green packaging which is made from natural materials and it seems that this company is making a shift of their packaging to this.

As it turns out, my friend who buys the eggs packaged in this type of packaging has found a way to use the packaging even after she had used the contents. Pretty creative I would say, but I am really not the type of person who is into the whole three r thing which is reduce, reuse, recycle.

And as I kept on coming back to the supermarket, almost half of the place slowly transitioned into this green packaging. But just because everything was made of the same natural material now, doesn’t mean that it would look boring. From afar everything seemed the same but they also have printed designs on the front of the packaging and while I was doing some research on this packaging I found out that even the ink used for printing on it is natural. That is a pretty impressive feat on the part of the company.

I can see that in the future supermarkets around the world would sell products that are packaged in this natural material. After all, it does benefit the environment. I myself would try to see if it was possible to switch all of the products I use to the products that have been packaged in this green packaging and maybe even do my part in helping the environment.